Yeah, THIS is intriguing.  Let me get my copy protected song for 99 cents
from some peon in New Jersey or Wyoming rather than instantly downloading a
pristine version from the iTunes Music Store.

It’s the PRICE stupid.  It’s not the DELIVERY system!  I mean I’ll get it
FASTER from the iTunes Music Store but I’d rather wait a few minutes to get it

The disinformation campaign is DEAFENING!  Mashboxx resembles P2P
like…well, to tell you the truth, I can’t come up with an analogy.  Where ELSE
can you endlessly duplicate a product at no cost and distribute in such a way that
infrastructure/transfer costs are borne by EVERYBODY on the network rather than
the seller?  It’s the EFFICIENCY of P2P that’s attractive, not the NAME!

Mashboxx is P2P in name only.  It has NONE of the salient features of P2P as
we now know it.  It DOES NOT enable the free exchange of information.  It DOES
NOT represent a new business model.  It’s kind of like calling chicken shit
chicken salad.  There, THAT’S your analogy for you.

Snocap enables one to tag files so they can then be tracked.  In OTHER WORDS,
you can track the trading of all files via P2P networks.  SO, if you created
a pool of money, you could divvy it up, a la ASCAP and BMI, but with
statistically accurate data, giving the most money to the copyright holders of the most downloaded songs, and the least to the song traded once or twice.  And, you
create this pool by licensing individual file-traders (their incentive is to
avoid being sued, this works, how many people don’t speed for fear of getting
stopped, or get driving licenses for fear of being stopped and not HAVING ONE?)
or charging a fee at the ISP level to owners of all accounts.  Is this BRAIN
SURGERY?  No, this is the kind of logic a second grader can understand.  So,
why can’t the major labels??

If only the Grokster decision killed P2P.  Not only has it not killed P2P in
THIS country, companies OUTSIDE U.S. jurisdiction operate scot free!  AND,
since the Internet knows no borders, the U.S. citizenry trades away and the
labels continue to get ripped off.  The question arises NOT how to penetrate and
stop these so-called rogue networks, but how to CHARGE for the trading that is
enabled by them.

Well, you can’t log on without an account.  Whether it be at home, at work or
at school.  So, if you put the toll there…

It’s kind of like putting the toll at the end of someone’s driveway rather
than on a highway in another country.  If they want to drive, they’ve got to pay.

Where I come from, scumbags are scumbags.  The fact that the major labels
allow Wayne Rosso to go from zero to hero just that fast shows that they’re
lacking the same integrity he is.

I really don’t get why the artists don’t protest.  Don’t insist that the
labels enter the twenty first century instead of constantly standing up and
defending their twentieth century business practices.

Oh, I know why.  The same reason racism and homophobia and anti-semitism
still exist.  IGNORANCE!

We’ve got the slaves harvesting the crops…  No slaves, no food.  You don’t
want that to happen, do you?  The Bible says homosexuality is bad, IT MUST BE
TRUE!  (Assuming the Bible actually even SAYS this.)  Jews have HORNS, we’ve
got to KILL THEM before they steal all our MONEY!  Oh, you’ve never met a Jew? 
Never seen one with horns before?

ANYBODY with ANY expertise in technology will tell you that P2P can’t be
stopped in short order.  Oh, so the SUPREME COURT rendered a decision.  But, it
didn’t ban P2P and I ask you…smoking dope is illegal, do you find it
impossible to buy MARIJUANA??

I want no more bullying from Andy Lack.

I want no more misinformation from that man.

If he’d only concentrate on signing acts people cared about instead of
locking up his company’s wares in a fortress THEN I’d pay him some respect.  But,
the fact that this man who’s barely been in the business is quoted as an
expert/seer constantly makes me PUKE!

From now on, will they PLEASE quote a seventeen year old every time Mr. Lack
opens his mouth, so the TRUTH will out??

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  1. Comment by Wayne Rosso | 2005/06/30 at 15:28:49

    Mr. Lefsetz

    Read your latest missive and felt compelled to let you know that you 
    are full of shit. Most, if not all, of your statements are either 
    inaccurate or patently untrue.

    I certainly don’t begrudge you for your opinions of me personally, 
    although we have never met and consequently fully can’t quite 
    understand the vitriol, but please get your facts right. I think that 
    if you took the time you’d find that if you don’t take looks, brains 
    and personality into account I’m quite a nice guy. And believe me, 
    Andy Lack is no bully.


    Wayne Rosso

  2. Comment by Martin Weber | 2005/07/01 at 05:20:49

    That is awesome! The power of media…I love it.

  3. Comment by Doug Mark | 2005/07/01 at 05:21:16

    He’s right; it’s not personal. Why does he think it is? Not to be too general, but in Bush’s America, where the most important national value (even for poor people) is to accumulate and protect wealth, any view that other values may prevail (e.g. the sharing and discovery of music not promoted by major labels) is deemed inaccurate and wrong-headed.

  4. Comment by Danny Zelisko | 2005/07/01 at 05:21:32

    Would have liked to hear why "you are full of shit"

  5. Comment by Jeff Sackman | 2005/07/01 at 05:21:53

    Congrats. I wish I could get emails like that.

  6. Comment by Major label employee | 2005/07/01 at 05:22:08

    Priceless. You must feel an overwhelming sense of pride being called full of shit by one of the most full of shit people in the business today.

  7. Comment by Daniel Markus | 2005/07/01 at 05:22:23

    Interesting that he didn’t point exactly what you are wrong about. Politicians do that. If you just say you are wrong then…you are wrong. Facts have nothing to do with it.

  8. Comment by Tony Brummel | 2005/07/01 at 05:22:39

    Dear Wayne,

    You are a bottom feeding scumbag.

    Are the Sopranos looking for any "extras"?

  9. Comment by Ken Makow | 2005/07/01 at 05:23:32

    Went back and read your Mashboxx piece…notice he didn’t answer any of the charges…

    as for Andy Lack…the only good music that will come out of SonyBMG is the TV Jeremiah Bosgang will make.

    The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity.
    -William Butler Yeats

  10. Comment by Christian Hoeferle | 2005/07/01 at 05:24:03

    I never met either one of you. And although I agree with you on most of your letters, it seems as if Mr. Rosso has a point here. It’s not him or Mashboxx nor Snocap who fuck this so-called new P2P era up. Mashboxx isn’t trying to build a another walled garden, it’s the music industry. It’s the record labels who are convinced that this new paradigm can only work with their own rules – meaning DRM. The one fact that the likes of Andy Lack and his ilk are neglecting is that there are more than 20 million iPod users out there who couldn’t care less for Microsoft Janus embedded WMA-files. Abandon DRM, move on with MP3 and stop worrying about unwanted fileswaps – that’s the only way this business is going to recover. And please, both music biz and tech wizzards: Stop argueing. Start cooperating. You’ll both benefit. And I am sick of the laments.

    And to Wayne: Andy Lack IS a bully. How else would you describe this DualDisc/copy-limiting desaster he is putting his company in?

  11. Comment by Joshua Freni | 2005/07/01 at 05:24:20

    Odd that he would say your statements are inaccurate/untrue and not give at least 1 example of where you’ve gone wrong.

  12. Comment by Jamie Myerson | 2005/07/01 at 05:24:36

    i believe what he just said just about as much as i believe bronfman, lack and all the others have a way to fix the mess they put us all in.  fuck them all.

    you say what you need to say man, because you’re fucking right every time.

  13. Comment by Samantha Carter | 2005/07/01 at 05:24:51

    I’m not going to touch base on the "…statements are either inaccurate or patently untrue…" comment because honestly, I don’t give a shit…but…when a man of high stature takes his personality, looks and brains out of the running for admiration and leaves you with nothing but his healthy pulse to covet it makes me question his understanding of not only your e-mail’s but his business as well. Perhaps you’re right about his one!

  14. Comment by Chris Chapin | 2005/07/01 at 05:25:06

    Maybe Andy is not a bully however he seems to be out of tune(no pun intended) with what is reality in the biz today.If these majors started making some royalty money from electronic sales maybe they could sign some promising new acts instead of filling their noses or flying around on private jets. signed the frustrated consumer

  15. Comment by Gerd Leonhard | 2005/07/01 at 05:25:26


  16. Comment by Al Cafaro | 2005/07/01 at 05:25:45

    This tells me nothing. What are his facts?

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