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You don’t have to be alone to feel alone You can have someone and still feel alone “Better Side Of Life” Emitt Rhodes My favorite album of the past two years is Emitt Rhodes’s “Rainbow Ends.” At this point we’re disappointed by the new work of our heroes. It’s like they’ve lost the formula, what […]


1 I lied to get the job and and then he wanted to give me the store. College graduation is one of the few things that’s weirder than legend, even worse than “The Graduate,” because there’s no Mrs. Robinson and Katharine Ross to rescue you. You’re just going through the paces, stepping on the stones, […]

Don’t Bring Me Down

I still can’t believe Tom Petty’s dead. I’ve been living in the aughts. I decided to go to my bootleg site, where I used to live fifteen years ago, after the death of Napster. There was this Jackson Browne concert from Hamburg in ’93 that was jaw-dropping, cut straight to my soul, “Late For The […]

Time Passes Slowly

I learned to buy my records in a bunch, at a discount, at E.J. Korvette or Sam Goody in the city rather than overpay at the Vermont Book Shop in Middlebury, Vermont. And one of the LPs I bought at the end of my initial Christmas vacation was Bob Dylan’s “New Morning,” and at the […]