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The New Sam Smith Album

Is there room for Sam Smith in a hip-hop dominated world? OF COURSE THERE IS! Streaming won, but the early adopters were young rappers, and presently most other genres are excluded from the top lists. But that’s about to change. And if we’re waiting for the oldsters to move the needle, we’re gonna die first. […]

Walter Becker

Walter Becker –  Spotify CAN’T BUY A THRILL “Do It Again” We thought they were a one hit wonder. Go back, Jack Do it again There was something about the sound, which made it so strange for AM radio. Which I listened to because that’s all my car had. You usually didn’t hear this depth […]

A Case Of You-Live Budokan 1983

How could a live take of one of the most beloved tracks ever be even better than the original? One thing I hate about Spotify is the codec they use, it just doesn’t sound that good, the old MP3s in my iTunes library encoded at 128 kbps are superior, and so is Deezer Elite, just […]

Hot Summer Nights

Hot Summer Nights – Spotify Hot Summer Nights – YouTube Same as it ever was. In case you’re focused on Harvey, and we all should be, you might be unaware we’re experiencing a record-setting heat wave in Southern California, and unlike in the rest of the country, so many of us don’t have air conditioning, […]