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Moe Shalizi

He’s the manager of Marshmello. WHO? That’s exactly the point, you can manage an act that does double digit millions, drive a Lamborghini and live in a multimillion dollar house and most people have no clue who you or your act are. Except for the fans. I met Moe at a dinner at Jake Udell’s […]


Tracks-2/28/18 The first rule of recommendation is you send me something you think I will like, not that YOU like! “Best Friend” Sofi Tukker I know, I know, it was in the commercial for the iPhone X, but Strasburg iMessaged me about this yesterday and I pulled it up and felt the sense of recognition […]

The Joke

The Joke – Spotify The Joke – YouTube This rubbed me the wrong way the first time through. The second I tolerated it. The third I LOVED IT! That’s the power of radio, that’s the power of repetition. But every time they play an oldie on the Spectrum I flip the switch, I know where […]


ODESZA – Spotify I heard them on the Sirius XM Spectrum. The vocalist was Leon Bridges. The song was entitled “Across The Room” and it was hooky and anthemic and I needed to hear it again. So I pulled it up on Spotify and did some research and learned that ODESZA had played Staples Center. […]