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Final Narcos

You’ve got to have faith in the system. And we’ve lost ours. That’s why Hillary lost, people wanted a change. Democrats have been good for the elites, but the downtrodden, not so much. The Dems were so entrenched in the system they couldn’t see reality. And sure, the Republicans thwarted Obama’s every move, but they’re […]

Narcos-Season 3

It’s about the money. We all need something to live for, and if you ain’t got it, life is gonna be quite boring. That’s why Javi went back to Colombia. That’s what people don’t understand. We’re not rational. We’re driven by our desires, influenced by friends, and sex and money. And when you get old […]

Adam Sandler On Netflix

First one in or last one out? Who do you want to be? It’s your choice. The rewards are at the front end, but so are the risks. And the last to arrive gets safety, if they get in at all, but bupkes bucks. Howard Stern went to satellite. Since then, twelve years, not a […]


Do you know anybody on the spectrum? Then you will be unable to turn off “Atypical.” Not because they get it so right, not because Keir Gilchrist embodies an autistic kid perfectly, but because they made this show at all! It’s your own private hell. Oh, I know parents will talk about the benefits, and […]