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Howard Stern On Letterman On Netflix

Netflix is a club. Just like Howard Stern’s radio show. Occasionally Howard makes news, mostly while interviewing celebrities, the gossip columns go wild, but mostly if you don’t listen, you’ve got no idea what’s going on. But those who do… Kind of like Netflix. Now some news outlets noted that Howard’s appearance was going live […]

American Idol

It only works if you mint stars. The finale was the other night. Was it Sunday, or Monday, damned if I know. Then again, probably not Sunday, because that’s when the “Billboard” awards were, another sinking show, just check the ratings. Weren’t live events supposed to save broadcast TV? With their Twitter updates and wars? […]

Letterman On Netflix

It’s about breaking the formula. Art is about risk, and in today’s era too few are approaching the edge, that’s the Michelle Wolf story, the inability of the status quo to recognize the soul of our society, which is not conformity, but uniqueness. The more you try to fit in, the blanker you become, the […]


We finished it yesterday. For those playing the home game, yesterday was my birthday. With its triple tradition of Langer’s pastrami, hot fudge sundae and a movie or two or three. It didn’t quite work out that way. Actually, I prefer to be skiing on my birthday, but the prednisone has my calf freaking out […]