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Tina Fey On Weekend Update

They’ve got Ann Coulter and the bimbos on Fox. But we’ve got Tina Fey. I oftentimes wonder, do those people on Fox really believe what they’re saying? Like Tucker Carlson, interrupting guests like his predecessor Bill O’Reilly, if you got him alone, in the basement, after a game of pool, would he really be spewing […]

The Vice Video

Nothing happens fast anymore. Last week Vice was a news outlet for youngsters, not the prepubescent set the music industry caters to, but the late teens to thirtysomethings with a brain who like to stay informed, who like to mull over issues and form their own opinions, absent the ravings of dictatorial oldsters who believe […]

Game Of Thrones Hack

It’s an outdated business model. Pirates stole a Netflix show and the majordomos shrugged and said all episodes were available online, no biggie. And it wasn’t. You don’t fight pirates. You fight their business model! Which is why you never hear about P2P in the age of streaming. Scour the internet for files that take […]


Choices have consequences. I love dark. And depressing too. But mostly “Ozark” is just dark. Why is it so satisfying? Because in a life of phoniness we want reality played back to us. We want to feel honest emotions. And we love story. That’s what the short attention span theatre people don’t get, those who […]