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House Of Cards Season Five

It’s terrible. Robin Wright is superb, Kevin Spacey is believable in every role he plays, he’s America’s greatest actor, not Meryl Streep, but they can only do so much with the material, which is underwritten and confusing and concerns a plot point that we’re not interested in. How did this HAPPEN? The loss of showrunner […]

Billy Bob In Goliath

While I’m talking TV, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how exceptional Billy Bob Thornton is in “Goliath.” It’s on Amazon Prime, and although half the households in America have it and don’t have to pay for it nothing on that outlet gets any traction, it seems people don’t know how to pull the […]

The Keepers

You’ll never look at the Catholic church the same way again. When you hear the word “Archdiocese,” you’ll shudder. Netflix is CBS Records. A monolith that’s making money that’s spending money that needs something to hit, but not everything to hit. That’s what’s wrong with the HBO model, they’re so busy developing exceptional product that […]

Paul Simon And Stephen Colbert Are ‘Feelin’ Groovy’

Maybe you’ve got to be 75 not to give a fuck. That’s right, Paul Simon was 34 back when SNL launched, when he made fun of himself, when he was still a soft rock superstar as opposed to a world musician, before he infected a younger generation via MTV and Chevy Chase in the eighties. […]