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Jim Guerinot-This Week’s Podcast

He made me feel inadequate. You think you want to go down one path, then you find out you’re unsuited for it. Even worse, you age and discover that your heart’s desire is not. I remember wanting to be an agent, at this late date the idea of negotiating for a living is anathema to […]

Jason Flom-This Week’s Podcast

When Jason got booted by Lyor, I asked Roger Ames whether Flom was done. Ames said no, that the ability to spot and sign talent was rare, and once you developed it, you never lost it. Which is why Jason went on to sign Katy Perry at Capitol and Lorde and Greta Van Fleet at […]

Peter Asher-This Week’s Podcast

I saw him and Gordon headlining on the Steel Pier at Atlantic City. What I did not know was the story of Paul McCartney finishing “World Without Love” for the duo. Peter tells it here. As well as going down into his family’s basement to hear the Fab Four’s “I Want To Hold Your Hand” […]

Andrew Loog Oldham-This Week’s Podcast

How does a young fashionite lose his job after experiencing the first of numerous nervous breakdowns end up managing and producing the Rolling Stones? By doing publicity for the Beatles and knowing a great band when he sees one (and tying up with a more experienced partner to add gravitas). This was when Brian Jones […]