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Ethiopia Habtemariam-This Week’s Podcast

She’s a force of nature. This was recorded live in Santa Barbara at the Music Media Summit, more episodes from that conclave will be transmitted in the future, but first we have Ethiopia, who stunned us all, going from first generation American to President of Motown Records. Her name started coming up in conversation. First […]

Gilberto Gil-This Week’s Podcast

You may not know him, but he’s a superstar in Brazil. He was exiled from the country, landed in London in the early seventies, and then came back to Brazil for his victory lap, further success and even a stint in the government as Minister of Culture. Now Rio is a dangerous place. You can’t […]

Moby-This Week’s Podcast

Don’t nobody know my troubles but God What happens when you make the most iconic album of the turn of the century, when suddenly you’re up all night getting high and dating models? YOU WANT MORE! But Moby couldn’t replicate the success of “Play,” even though he tried so hard. And despite ventures into real […]

Shep Gordon-This Week’s Podcast

Yes, Supermensch himself! You’ve seen the movie, read the book, but we get into nooks and crannies previously unexplored and if you want to go deep into the mind-set of the genius behind Alice Cooper, Emeril Lagasse and even Groucho Marx, this is the place! One thing Shep said that stuck out to me was […]