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The Sale Of Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale” And sooner or later Everybody’s kingdom must end “The King Must Die” Elton John That’s where I found out about Elton, “Rolling Stone,” but Elton soldiers on, “Rolling Stone” is headed for the dumper. Like “Men’s Journal,” sold to “The National Enquirer”‘s David […]

Kiss and Sell

This is a bad book. Stars write tomes that leave the dirt out. Outsiders write short briefs of sour grapes with the details included. Unlike the former, Chris Lendt can actually write, but he goes on interminably with details we don’t care about and doesn’t reveal those we do. This is an old book. Published […]

The Rachel Maddow Paradigm

She could be the biggest rock star in America today. Bigger than Beyonce? You bet. Bigger than Taylor Swift? Yup. But what Taylor does right, when she’s in marketing mode, is to constantly stay in the public eye. But it’s all promotion with very little content. It’s about spreading the word about the records she’s […]

Final Narcos

You’ve got to have faith in the system. And we’ve lost ours. That’s why Hillary lost, people wanted a change. Democrats have been good for the elites, but the downtrodden, not so much. The Dems were so entrenched in the system they couldn’t see reality. And sure, the Republicans thwarted Obama’s every move, but they’re […]