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The Grateful Dead Movie

He got locked in the box of being Jerry Garcia. This is not the movie I expected it to be. If you’re looking for the Altamont story, an in-depth analysis of the band’s keyboardists and their deaths, this flick is not for you. Actually, I’m not sure this film will satisfy anybody, even the hardest […]

Jonathan Demme

It’s the unexpected that gets you. Once upon a time, there was a television movie review show known as “Siskel & Ebert,” or “At The Movies” or something like that, they kept changing it as they moved from PBS to Disney and gained more fame and you might be snickering saying OF COURSE but I […]

The Oscars

Who cares? How did America’s go-to awards show, the creme de la creme, lose touch with its audience? Let’s start with the movies themselves. Not only is the human touch that built Hollywood purveyed now on television, but the fantasy/superhero flicks that are made to play around the world are not honored by the Academy. […]

Manchester By The Sea

Manchester By The Sea – Trailer Life is about loss. It starts off all sunny and sweet, with your first grade teacher telling you you can become President, and then you wake up one day filled with grief, wondering what happened, soldiering on like a zombie, if you can put one foot in front of […]