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Kiss and Sell

This is a bad book. Stars write tomes that leave the dirt out. Outsiders write short briefs of sour grapes with the details included. Unlike the former, Chris Lendt can actually write, but he goes on interminably with details we don’t care about and doesn’t reveal those we do. This is an old book. Published […]

Dave Morrell’s Book

“45 RPM (Recollections Per Minute): The Morrell Archives Volume 3” He shits on Clive Davis. I received this in the mail with a note from a friend saying “Arista Part, MUST READ!” So I did. Didn’t take me long. Hell, I finished the whole book in less than two hours. But I did read it, […]

Noel Monk’s Van Halen Book

Runnin’ with the Devil: A Backstage Pass to the Wild Times, Loud Rock, and the Down and Dirty Truth Behind the Making of Van Halen “How I Made It: Bob Lefsetz went from failed music manager to one of the most influential voices in the industry” We put them in a movie. Then I was […]


I’m recovering from dental implant surgery. It was the back molar, there was an infection, despite having a root canal and so much invested in that tooth, and it had to be extracted and I was lucky the periodontist could do the implant at the same time, you never know, so it’ll be three months […]