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Nanette | Official Trailer You want to watch this. No, you NEED to watch this. But you probably won’t, you probably won’t log into Netflix, and when you hear the half-hour of soft-spoken lesbian jokes you’ll be wondering, is that all there is? Is she even gonna get back to Nanette? No and no. I’ve […]

Rob Glaser-This Week’s Podcast

That’s right, Mr. RealNetworks himself! You know, RealPlayer, the default audio and video player from the turn of the century, ultimately superseded by Windows Media and…there was a lawsuit over that, Microsoft lost, RealNetworks got paid. Anyway, Rob grew up in NYC and went to Yale and from there was on the ground floor at […]

Seymour Stein’s Book

Siren Song: My Life in Music He takes a swing at Mo Ostin, multiple swings, in fact. He who writes history owns it, will this sway people’s opinion of the Warner majordomo, does anybody care? That’s what struck me so much reading this book, so much is ancient history. The decimation of the Warner Music […]

Fauda-Season 2

Are you watching this? We just finished five seasons of “The Americans.” That’s right, sixty five episodes, I can’t believe it myself. But we cannot see the sixth, unless we’re willing to pay for it, $24.95, that’s never gonna happen, the content companies are bleeding us dry, and it’s gonna be worse when they all […]