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Master of None-Season 2

There are three record companies, Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. If you want to know what it was like in the late sixties, during the seventies in the record business, look to streaming TV. Not the eighties and nineties, those were victory laps, when MTV blew up bands beyond comprehension and then the CD rained down […]

I Love Dick

Kevin Bacon is a revelation. Like a less loquacious Don Henley. A not quite as nice J.D. Souther. He’s a Texan of few words who’s completely confident in his opinion and is unafraid of expressing it. And Kathryn Hahn is obsessed with him. Believing herself a filmmaker previously, at dinner Bacon cuts to to the […]

More 13 Reasons Why

I finished the tapes. Now it’s your turn. I can’t believe I dedicated 13 hours to a TV show. Sure, my mother was always telling us to turn off the damn box, to go outside and play, it was literally illegal to watch during the day, hell, she placed the damn set where there was […]

The Oliver Paradigm

Me, me, ME! That’s the mantra of the musician. I’m a nobody on the way to somewhere. I’m big but not big enough. I’m a superstar and I’ve got a new release and you’ve got to HELP ME! Like me, share my post, listen on Spotify, subjugate your own interests on behalf of mine. But […]