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Do you know anybody on the spectrum? Then you will be unable to turn off “Atypical.” Not because they get it so right, not because Keir Gilchrist embodies an autistic kid perfectly, but because they made this show at all! It’s your own private hell. Oh, I know parents will talk about the benefits, and […]

The Failure Of Logan Lucky

You just can’t get the word out. This is an important story. Just last week I got a call from a major news outlet asking me if major labels were over. They’re not. We live in a cluttered society where it’s impossible to reach everybody with your message. The internet explosion which we watched for […]

Dave Morrell’s Book

“45 RPM (Recollections Per Minute): The Morrell Archives Volume 3” He shits on Clive Davis. I received this in the mail with a note from a friend saying “Arista Part, MUST READ!” So I did. Didn’t take me long. Hell, I finished the whole book in less than two hours. But I did read it, […]

Tina Fey On Weekend Update

They’ve got Ann Coulter and the bimbos on Fox. But we’ve got Tina Fey. I oftentimes wonder, do those people on Fox really believe what they’re saying? Like Tucker Carlson, interrupting guests like his predecessor Bill O’Reilly, if you got him alone, in the basement, after a game of pool, would he really be spewing […]