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“An American Marriage”

“An American Marriage” I could not put this book down. For the last three days I’ve been sitting in a chair getting an IVIG drip. Not a great way to spend a holiday weekend, but to be truthful when you work for yourself the weekdays are holidays and the weekends are downtime you endure, e-mail […]


Icarus I thought this was a movie about Lance Armstrong. But it’s not. We knew Lance was doping because of the kerfuffle with that one test, the one that was thrown out. And the words of Greg LeMond, who said scientifically there was no way Lance could win, because of his inability to process oxygen. […]

The Chris Rock Netflix Special

I LIKE PEACE MORE THAN PUSSY! Can you say that in 2018? Then again, when this was recorded Omarosa was still in the White House. But that’s what we depend upon from our comedians, the unvarnished truth, the way we would say it. With the F-bombs and the scatological comments. You’re drawn right in, the […]


It’s already won. You don’t play the game, YOU CREATE THE GAME! This is what established players don’t recognize, whether it be in content or distribution. If you want to win in the end you can’t do what everybody else does, you’ve got to risk, you’ve got to create something new that satiates the customer […]