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In My Room

It was “I Get Around.” Before the Beatles there was music, but that band woke us all up, got us all addicted. They infected not only television and radio but the jukebox too, where I heard all their songs at Nutmeg Bowl, where we went bowling every Friday with our sixth grade class, where I […]

Kendall Ostrow-This Week’s Podcast

She knows more about social media than anybody I know. I met Kendall at the Summit Series, back in September 2014, in Eden, Utah. She told me she was gonna sell the first Snapchat series. She did. She’s the head of social media at UTA, she dives in and helps all their talent develop their […]

Bosch-Season Four

There was no review in the newspaper. I now track TV shows like I used to track record albums. I research and find out when they’re going to be released. “Bosch” launched yesterday on Amazon Prime, but you wouldn’t know it unless you’re a fan, and you should be. As I always say, distribution is […]

Better Call Saul

Sometimes things don’t work out. I can’t watch TV once a week anymore. Can’t make an appointment, can’t set the DVR, can’t even fast-forward through the commercials. I know, I know, there are some great shows on network and cable, but I don’t watch them, they don’t fit my schedule, which is overbooked, but there […]