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Apple’s Fail

David Pogue – “What really happened with Apple’s Face ID ‘fail’ onstage” Irving told me the monitor mix was off. As a result, the vocal wasn’t perfect. I thought the act was nitpicking, I didn’t think the audience could tell, although I’d noticed it. And Irving said it was the little things that made all […]

Hand In Hand

I tuned in to find out Apple had donated $5 million. Then I tuned out. Not literally, but who’s watching this show anyway? I applaud the effort. Give Scooter Braun credit. But this is no 9/11 benefit, it’s not even Manchester United (I know, I know, it’s “One Love Manchester.”) What it is is a […]

I was wrong…

Yes, you can get SMS, i.e. text messages, on your Mac (and iPad!) via your iPhone. I heard from many people, and I applaud your diligence and your experience, it takes a village to use a device these days, especially since there’s essentially no tech help (unless you pay for AppleCare, which I do have […]

The Mighty

The Mighty Apple should have made this. Oh, that’s right, they once did, they called it the iPOD SHUFFLE! Price and convenience, those are the keys today, along with usability. Next week Apple is going to announce new phones, they’re going to be close to a thousand bucks. That’s why I buy AppleCare, I don’t […]