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Spotify Radio

It’s far better than Pandora, and most people don’t even know it exists! And the point of this article is machines are better than humans, for all of Apple’s human curation I far prefer Spotify’s algorithms, as for Pandora, the tuneouts are excruciating, why in hell do they think I like x if I like […]

Mediabase vs. Spotify

MEDIABASE TOP 40 #1 “Attention,” by Charlie Puth “Attention” is #33 on Spotify, with 569,897 daily plays and a cume of 401,425,057. The reason “Attention” is not higher on the Spotify chart is because it’s already peaked. The track was released on April 21, 2017. Not only have the tastemakers moved on, but the fans […]

Google’s Hip-Hop Video

Google Google. That’s right, just don’t enter your search term in the address bar, which you can do with Safari and Chrome, instead enter “Google,” to go to the main Google search page. Wait, have I confused you? What I want you to do is go to the Google homepage, however you want to get […]

Rock Fans Have To Stream

I’m looking at the half year BuzzAngle report where the rock format is #1 in both Album Sales, with 14.3%, and also #1 in Physical and Vinyl, and #2 in Digital Alum Sales and #1 in Song Sales, but when it comes to Audio Streams…it’s dwarfed by Hip-Hop/Rap, which has 24.4% to rock’s 6.9%. Even […]