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Virality Is On Facebook

We are living in the era of people power. I know that’s confounding, in a world where the President is whipsawing the country, but the truth is we’ve seen a transition from a top-down to a bottom-up world, and institutions cannot fathom this. It’s why Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Hillary campaign could not understand […]


Snapchat is banking on it. For the past fifteen years we’ve heard that kids don’t care about selling out, that tying up with corporations is a badge of honor. But Evan Spiegel thinks different. Turns out Snapchat’s value may not be dependent upon a technological breakthrough, but a philosophical one. Snapchat is anti-influencer, anti-celebrity and […]

Pandora Premium

We go where our friends are. Spotify pushed the envelope, created the new paradigm, Apple broadcast that streaming music was safe and everybody else… Can forget about it. You’d think the press would say no-go. Say something critical about Pandora. But reporters’ powers of analysis are nonexistent, they just repeat the press release. And even […]

Neil Young On Spotify

Neil Young – Spotify They all come back to the garden. Let this be a lesson to those holding out, the streaming deniers, this is now, this is happening, get on the gravy train or be left behind. It always happens. Do you remember when acts wouldn’t let their albums be released on CD? Hell, […]