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Google’s Hip-Hop Video

Google Google. That’s right, just don’t enter your search term in the address bar, which you can do with Safari and Chrome, instead enter “Google,” to go to the main Google search page. Wait, have I confused you? What I want you to do is go to the Google homepage, however you want to get […]

Rock Fans Have To Stream

I’m looking at the half year BuzzAngle report where the rock format is #1 in both Album Sales, with 14.3%, and also #1 in Physical and Vinyl, and #2 in Digital Alum Sales and #1 in Song Sales, but when it comes to Audio Streams…it’s dwarfed by Hip-Hop/Rap, which has 24.4% to rock’s 6.9%. Even […]


Luke is eight. I love talking to the little kids. They answer you honestly, they miss the nuance, they’re fountains of information presented unfiltered and when Luke told me he was listening to TheFatRat I had no idea what he was talking about. He immediately told me he’d found him on his favorite YouTube channel, […]


RapCaviar Is driving the culture. It’s more important than radio. It’s where rap records get started, and rap rules America. How did this happen? MILLENNIALS! The pooh-poohed generation has taken over. They threw a monkey wrench into the British election and they’re skewing music listening. This is the way it always happens. Just when you […]