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RapCaviar Is driving the culture. It’s more important than radio. It’s where rap records get started, and rap rules America. How did this happen? MILLENNIALS! The pooh-poohed generation has taken over. They threw a monkey wrench into the British election and they’re skewing music listening. This is the way it always happens. Just when you […]

Pandora Tanks

And Sirius is looking to steal it. How did this happen? Myopia, and an unwillingness to acknowledge that the internet landscape had changed. It was a fountain of innovation. Every month there was a new site, a new app, we were all excited, it was akin to the British Invasion, internet innovation ruled the world… […]

One Love Manchester On Spotify

One Love Manchester On Spotify Oh, what a wonderful world we live in, where what happened yesterday is available today, which means the show is not over and done, but lives on. And maybe, just maybe, the world will need to listen to these tracks to relive the moment and cuts will fly up the […]


When was the last time you changed your word processor? Remember arguing over WordPerfect and WordStar? Maybe you were a fan of the Mac-only WriteNow. But now you just use Word, or some notes app, maybe something built-in, Google Docs, something that is free. The point being we saw decades of constant evolution, tumult, change, […]