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Apple – World Wide Developer Conference – June 2017 You’re either a member of the ecosystem or you’re not. Either you own Apple products or you don’t. And if you do…you can bitch all you want, but you’re not about to switch. This was the best presentation since Tim Cook took over. Now that the […]

iPhone 8

There is no pent-up demand. Tech is all about utility, not fashion. And there’s no breakthrough coming, other than a curved screen. You needed a new phone when they went from 3G to LTE. You needed a new phone when they increased the screen size. You no longer need a new phone, especially since the […]

Apple Content

Why don’t they just buy all the record labels? Or Paramount and the rest of the studios while they’re at it! That’s the canard we were exposed to again and again and again, that Apple and Spotify, all the distributors were gonna become producers. So far it hasn’t happened. Because their shareholders would scream. Distribution […]

Apple Doesn’t Hear The Echo

Alexa is my music concierge of choice. I just tell her what to play and she does. How did Apple squander first mover advantage? It was there earliest, with Siri, but I never use it, it’s too inaccurate, but Alexa gets it right almost all of the time. That could be perception. But what is […]