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Jimmy Leaves Apple

There’s only room for one majordomo, and it’s not him. People forget that Jimmy was an independent, a record producer, who ultimately teamed with Ted Field to start a label, i.e. Interscope. And ask someone under thirty if they know who Field is, I doubt it, he’s a footnote, although Ted did have a great […]

You Need A New iPhone

But you’re not gonna buy one. Talk about a tempest in a teapot, Apple tries to save your ass and you’re up in arms about it. That’s right, in order to prevent your old phone from shutting down because of its lame battery Apple is slowing down the OS. If they didn’t do this, you’d […]

Om On Apple

Steve Jobs’ legacy & The iPhone X Read this. If you want the most insightful writing on yesterday’s Apple presentation. And maybe you don’t want to, don’t care, and that’s fine, although kind of funny since everybody owns a smartphone, but the truth is I used to read “Rolling Stone” cover to cover when musicians […]

Apple’s Fail

David Pogue – “What really happened with Apple’s Face ID ‘fail’ onstage” Irving told me the monitor mix was off. As a result, the vocal wasn’t perfect. I thought the act was nitpicking, I didn’t think the audience could tell, although I’d noticed it. And Irving said it was the little things that made all […]