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Why don’t they just buy all the record labels? Or Paramount and the rest of the studios while they’re at it! That’s the canard we were exposed to again and again and again, that Apple and Spotify, all the distributors were gonna become producers. So far it hasn’t happened. Because their shareholders would scream. Distribution […]

Apple Doesn’t Hear The Echo

Alexa is my music concierge of choice. I just tell her what to play and she does. How did Apple squander first mover advantage? It was there earliest, with Siri, but I never use it, it’s too inaccurate, but Alexa gets it right almost all of the time. That could be perception. But what is […]

iPhone 7

It’s about the wireless. The Beats purchase finally makes sense. I have a pair of Sennheiser Bluetooth headphones. Whenever I wear them, which is nearly every day, someone comments. They’re stunned. I love them. But the sound is limited, in quality and volume. It appears that Apple has solved this problem, with its W1 chip. […]

Frank Ocean Exclusive

So this is what it’s come to. A recorded music industry battered for 16 years, which has seen 60% of its revenue evaporate, has learned nothing, circled the wagons and left the customer out. That’s right, Napster was a consumer revolution. At this late date, only Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker are demonized, but if […]