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Me On The RuPaul Podcast

Since so many say they learned new stuff about me in the L.A. “Times” article, I hereby present the RuPaul podcast, which was recorded a month ago, in a little cafe south of the border, no, in a house turned into a studio just off of Sunset Boulevard. It was early in the morning for […]

Letterman On Stern

We underestimate talent. Used to be we were looking for the unique voice, now me-tooism reigns. Maybe it’s the millennial ethos of fitting in, where boomers were all about being square pegs in a round hole, letting their freak flags fly. And technically, David Letterman is a baby boomer. Now most people leave TV and […]

Jimmy Iovine On Howard Stern

We love the dirt, and there isn’t any. This reminds me of nothing so much as David Geffen’s “American Masters,” which he paid for, it’s a tribute to his accomplishments, but it didn’t reveal who he really was. And Jimmy Iovine did not reveal who he truly was on Stern. I’m not saying he didn’t […]

Rachel Maddow

She’s the left wing explainer. I’ve become addicted to the news. Not only the papers, which arrive every day, whose apps I’m constantly checking on my phone, but TV, which I mostly catch on the satellite, Sirius XM. That’s right, there’s everything from Fox to CNN, MSNBC to Bloomberg, NPR and the BBC. I want […]