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Kid Rock On Howard Stern

You either love him or hate him. But Bob is standing up for much of what you believe. This is the only promo he’s doing, this and Megyn Kelly, he’s had it with the music industry, kissing ass, playing the game, it’s just him and his music, his show and his personality, isn’t that enough, […]

Robert Plant On Howard Stern

He was reluctant. The Stern show is the go-to place to hawk your wares. Obviously someone told Plant this, but he didn’t really get the memo, that you were supposed to disgorge your history and inner feelings in an expurgation of your life. Robert was just there to promote his album. He wasn’t sure what […]

Me On The Wrap Up Show

That’s right, tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be sitting down with John Hein and Gary Dell’Abate to discuss the day’s Howard Stern show and more. And either this rings your bell or it doesn’t. Either you’re a fan of Howard or you’re not. But Howard is the king of his world, which includes late night TV, […]

Spotify Radio

It’s far better than Pandora, and most people don’t even know it exists! And the point of this article is machines are better than humans, for all of Apple’s human curation I far prefer Spotify’s algorithms, as for Pandora, the tuneouts are excruciating, why in hell do they think I like x if I like […]