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Rachel Maddow

She’s the left wing explainer. I’ve become addicted to the news. Not only the papers, which arrive every day, whose apps I’m constantly checking on my phone, but TV, which I mostly catch on the satellite, Sirius XM. That’s right, there’s everything from Fox to CNN, MSNBC to Bloomberg, NPR and the BBC. I want […]


What does this mean for radio? “Bad and Boujee” is number one on Spotify, even number one on the “Billboard” Hot 100, but it’s nowhere to be found on the Mediabase Top Forty chart. I’m fascinated by the Oscar nominations, because other than the voters and the media savants no one cares about these pictures. […]

Lenny Dykstra On Howard Stern

She was GAS. If you think sex should be performed under the covers, in the dark, this is not for you. If you think oral is offensive, this is not for you. If you think old, faded baseball players who have been to jail are not worth listening to, this is not for you. But […]

Long Form Content In A Short Form World

We want to go deep. I just spend 95 minutes listening to Howard Stern interview Sarah Jessica Parker and I didn’t hear the whole thing. How did he keep my interest in a short attention span economy? That’s a lie. We’ve just got incredible shit detectors. We want nothing but great, we’ve got endless time […]