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Canadian Hall of Fame Dinner

“I watch what I eat and work out… I’ve been on Jenny Craig more than Mr. Craig.” Paul Anka Can you say that in the #MeToo era? Speaking of eating, I forgot to tell you about the salt cod latkes. We had lunch at Drake One Fifty, a jumping place, and when I saw the […]


I just saw James Comey. That’s right, I had to come all the way to Canada to get an up close and personal on the U.S. government. Travel, the things you learn. Used to be they passed out this immigration form on the plane, you know, did you hang at any farms, are you bringing […]

This Is America

You can hide in plain sight. Donald Glover was on “Community,” is in the second season of his own highly-lauded series “Atlanta” and has one of the longest running hits on the chart with “Redbone,” a cut from his THIRD Glassnote album and still… Most people had no idea who he was. Until now. Glover’s […]

Seinfeld & Letterman At FYSEE

Netflix – For Your Consideration I’m numb. I drove home with the radio off. I just want to bask in the experience, the greatness, of two men still at the top of their game in the flesh. It was the sensibility, the quickness, the jokes. We were eavesdropping on two men talking about their history […]