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Sam Smith At The Troubadour

I’m way too good at goodbyes They knew every word. And so did I. Music has become balkanized. There are rappers on Spotify and classic rockers at the shed and there’s no coherence. But maybe it’s coming. It started with Adele. Who sang singable songs about life and became the biggest act in the world. […]

Bryan Ferry At The Hollywood Bowl

Bryan Ferry – Spotify With the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra. It was WONDERFUL! You go to a show and know they’re never going to play your favorite song, the one you need to hear, the album track from decades before, especially a driving, electronic number sans strings, at least the real thing. But after the conductor’s […]

Frampton Rocks The Vilar

Music is my food and life Don’t take it away I was expecting a greatest hits set. I didn’t expect Peter Frampton to be the savior of rock and roll. There were blue-hairs in the audience. Well, wealthy ones, who looked like they’d cozy up to a horse but not a Les Paul. Patrons who […]

Garth Brooks At The Forum

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday Actually, it was sometime after eleven. Garth Brooks could be the biggest act in America. But in today’s siloed world where everything exists in its own niche, you can be unaware of this. Until you go to a show. Tickets are eighty bucks. And Garth keeps adding shows until […]