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Last Night At McCabe’s

Seems I’ve got to have a change of scene Joe Cocker hated Traffic’s version, but he was convinced “Feelin’ Alright” was a smash, if only Artie Butler could concoct an arrangement. They were eating hamburgers across the street from A&M, after a production meeting, and Joe implored Artie to take a chance. So Artie came […]

Walter Egan At McCabe’s

We sacrificed our lives for rock and roll. Walter Egan graduated from Georgetown. His mother wondered when he’d get serious and live the straight life. But then he got a call to play guitar for Linda Ronstadt and he decamped for Los Angeles. The rest of the band stayed behind, in Washington, D.C., but Walter […]

Billy Bragg At The Troubadour

“I played bars thirty five years ago and I’m still playing bars today.” That’s what Billy Bragg told me when I asked him about the dream, you know, the one where you become rich and famous. He referenced other acts, like the Housemartins, who had broken through, where were they today? But he’s still standing. […]

Alison Moyet At The Fonda

She told the audience to shut up. That she was 56 and might never come back so they’d better let her talk. It’s not that they were rabble-rousing, lost in their own personal world, the assembled multitude was in thrall, shouting, interrupting, wanting to connect. And you’d want to connect too. The only other time […]