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Tom Petty At The Hollywood Bowl

He’s the last rock star. And he’s finally comfortable in his own skin. He used to have attitude, a chip on his shoulder. He kept his distance. He needed to express his anger. Now he knows what he’s achieved and he can accept our love and the end result is satisfaction and transcendence. I’m not […]

Glass Animals At The Shrine

You just wanna know those peanut butter vibes So, the Shrine is full. Well, in the corners of the upper deck there were a few spare seats. But the rest were filled by a demo born in the nineties, the late nineties, the crowd was in the neighborhood of 19 and 20, a bit older, […]

Niall Horan At The Palladium

Richard told me it was an UNDERPLAY! I sauntered into the Palladium expecting attendance to be sparse and the people who were there to be kids. But the place was packed and those in attendance were way past puberty, not that there was not screaming involved, but average age was 19 or 20, what was […]

Hall and Oates & Tears For Fears At Staples Center

Shout, shout, let it all out The younger generation is oblivious to MTV. Back when it was still labeled “Music Television,” when it drove the culture, when everybody knew the hits and they were bigger than ever before, even than in the sixties. You see now there was only ONE radio station, and we were […]