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Tom Petty At Musicares

It’s a clusterfuck. Where the nobodies take the dress code seriously and show up in monkey suits and the somebodies might wear sneakers like George Drakoulias and if you’re an insider it resembles nothing so much as a summer camp reunion, where you see everyone you know and catch up and the only problem is […]

Maren Morris At The Spotify Party

Can I get a hallelujah Can I get an amen Now that was refreshing. In a world of beats, where there are no bands and every record lives in a computer, to see someone sing a song with no special effects accompanied by a group of skilled players is a revelation. I’ve been overhyped. That’s […]

Keith Urban At Staples

When did concerts become tribal rites? It was not like this back in the sixties and seventies, when classic rock ruled. There was a gulf between performer and audience, it was a show, now it’s an EXPERIENCE! Ignore the virtual reality hype, there’s nothing like being there, observing the assembled multitude, watching the women sway […]

Cat Stevens At The Pantages

He was everywhere and then he was nowhere. He’s the only classic rock act that hasn’t burned it out on an endless dash for cash, making me squirm. I bought “Tea For The Tillerman” and “Mona Bone Jakon” simultaneously in April 1971, I’d never heard either on the radio but the positive reviews were deafening. […]