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Is All Publicity Good Publicity?

No one talks about Uber anymore. I was listening to Howard Stern interview Robert O’Neill, the guy who shot Bin Laden, and he got me, I fired up my phone and downloaded the sample chapter of his book “The Operator” to my Kindle. Previously the hype had slid off me. I’d seen “Zero Dark Thirty.” […]

Kid Rock For Senate

That’s what I don’t get about the libtards, THEY TAKE THE BAIT! Kid Rock is not playing to you, he doesn’t care about you, and neither does his audience. You’ve got your knickers in a twist, saying the country’s going to hell in a handbasket, you’re denigrating Rock’s looks, age and music and he’s laughing […]

The Oliver Paradigm

Me, me, ME! That’s the mantra of the musician. I’m a nobody on the way to somewhere. I’m big but not big enough. I’m a superstar and I’ve got a new release and you’ve got to HELP ME! Like me, share my post, listen on Spotify, subjugate your own interests on behalf of mine. But […]

E-Mail Of The Day

Subject: Thoughts on 700 new subscribers and Mauldin – from John Mauldin Bob, I’ve been meaning to dictate/write this letter to you for some time. I’ve been reading your pieces for at least a few years, and while we are of the same age (more or less as I am almost 68), radically different growing […]