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Marketing Is King

Huh? Weren’t we supposed to live in a word of mouth economy, where the cream rose to the top? NO! Actually, never forget that distribution is king. Did you read that NBC tied in with Netflix for the Olympics, with a two hour special? Millennials are cord-cutters, they don’t even see NBC, but they all […]

The Failure Of Logan Lucky

You just can’t get the word out. This is an important story. Just last week I got a call from a major news outlet asking me if major labels were over. They’re not. We live in a cluttered society where it’s impossible to reach everybody with your message. The internet explosion which we watched for […]

Reviews Are Everything

“Driving Tesla’s Model 3 Changes Everything” If you don’t want a Model 3 after reading the above review, you’re probably one of the Luddites who decried Napster, insisting that CDs were better. I get CD quality on Deezer, in my pocket, around the world, at the touch of my screen. You want the discs why? […]

Game Of Thrones Hack

It’s an outdated business model. Pirates stole a Netflix show and the majordomos shrugged and said all episodes were available online, no biggie. And it wasn’t. You don’t fight pirates. You fight their business model! Which is why you never hear about P2P in the age of streaming. Scour the internet for files that take […]