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Is the number one commodity in today’s world. Unless you can get it, you cannot proceed. 1. You don’t get multiple bites at the apple. Since attention is scarce and stretched if someone checks you or your product out and is not closed, chances are they will never check it out again. Which is why […]

Vail Buys Stowe

“Vail Resorts to buy Vermont’s Stowe ski area for $50 million” This is a story of disruption. Ideas are everything, but execution is key. Rob Katz, Chairman and CEO of Vail Resorts, retweeted Guy Kawasaki’s link to a story about this just a day before the deal closed: “Sorry But Successful People Don’t Care About […]

Megyn Kelly To NBC

You just can’t treat someone that badly. Forget Roger Ailes‘s harassment, station star Bill O’Reilly said she should eat it, report infractions to human resources, take one for the team. But no one ever went to human resources, they were afraid, it was a toxic environment, and the truth is women don’t want to work […]


Snapchat is banking on it. For the past fifteen years we’ve heard that kids don’t care about selling out, that tying up with corporations is a badge of honor. But Evan Spiegel thinks different. Turns out Snapchat’s value may not be dependent upon a technological breakthrough, but a philosophical one. Snapchat is anti-influencer, anti-celebrity and […]