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Colin Kaepernick

Does this mean he can play now? Now that the athletes and the owners of the NFL have stood up to Trump, which team will break the logjam and sign Kaepernick? That’s how it happens folks. Someone decides to cross the line. Someone does the right thing. I’m sick and tired of the right defining […]

You Don’t Mess With The NBA

Because the players run the league. Sometimes change has to come from the top. History repeats, but with a twist. In the sixties we were a homogeneous society, a middle class which could pay our bills and if you fell behind you were supported by a safety net. Today, it’s every person for themselves and […]

Yoga Pants

I get it. I read about a year ago that yoga pants were eclipsing jeans, that’s what “Bloomberg Businessweek” said, and they rarely get it wrong. This was confusing. Wasn’t Lululemon on the verge of bankruptcy, having made clothing that was too sheer, where you could see women’s derrieres? Although I always found stretchy material […]

The Sale Of Rolling Stone

“Rolling Stone, Once A Counterculture Bible, Will Be Put Up for Sale” And sooner or later Everybody’s kingdom must end “The King Must Die” Elton John That’s where I found out about Elton, “Rolling Stone,” but Elton soldiers on, “Rolling Stone” is headed for the dumper. Like “Men’s Journal,” sold to “The National Enquirer”‘s David […]