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The Power Of One

John Oliver confronts Dustin Hoffman and then Anderson Cooper confronts Roy Moore’s spokeswoman about his misdeeds. This is a sea change. The press has removed itself from the debate. Trying to be neutral. Allowing heinous behavior and incorrect views to skate. But not anymore. We’re influenced by the news. You think you’re an independent thinker […]

Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner

“Russell Simmons and Brett Ratner face new allegations of sexual misconduct” Sex is not the only thing they were entitled to. Rock stars created the paradigm. Nobodies who became somebodies who could act with impunity. Prior to this, you had to be rich to get away with it. Fame helped too, but the rock stars […]

Today’s Nuggets

Don’t waste your time yelling into the echo chamber, love him or hate him, your words about Trump make no difference to the other side, it’s about doing the work, the anonymous drudgery, no one likes to do the work. Sometimes the softest voice commands the most power. We’re conditioned to yell, but Gus Fring […]

I finally downloaded the app (and too!) It was the article in today’s WSJ. magazine. Let me see, can you access this without a subscription? Unfortunately you can’t, welcome to the new world of haves and have-nots, you thought information was gonna be free forever, but it’s not, you’re gonna pay if you want […]