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Me On CNN Katherine Kendall was on after me. I was driving to the Troubadour the night before, flipping the news channels on Sirius, and I heard her story, about Harvey Weinstein chasing her around his apartment, about hiding out in a bar to get away from him. And here she was. I don’t work […]

More Eminem

Trump’s afraid to tweet back. That’s the power of entertainment, that’s the power of Hollywood, that’s the power of Detroit, that’s the power of art. My inbox is filled up with right wing denizens decrying the work of Marshall Mathers. Saying he sucks, that it doesn’t matter, that we must respect the President. They’re no […]


IT’S THE AGE OF THE INDIVIDUAL It’s all about you, your brand, you’re on your own and it’s your obligation to establish your status. Used to be you were a member of the faceless masses. Now you’re defined online yet retain your anonymity since in a world of competing identities no one stands out, and […]

Harvey Weinstein

Don’t you get it, he wanted to be a rock star! They suck up to the high school football star, all the untouchable cheerleaders, you tread the halls feeling like a nobody, scoring well in math and science, absolutely invisible on the social scene. Then you go to college. You smoke a little dope, you […]