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Letterman On Stern

We underestimate talent. Used to be we were looking for the unique voice, now me-tooism reigns. Maybe it’s the millennial ethos of fitting in, where boomers were all about being square pegs in a round hole, letting their freak flags fly. And technically, David Letterman is a baby boomer. Now most people leave TV and […]


I’m thinking of buying a pair. Publicity comes last. Unless it comes first, then I ignore it. If I turn the pages of the paper, of a magazine, click online and find a story about something I already know about, with soft touches saying how great it is, sans facts and figures, I ignore it, […]

Why Isn’t Fran Lebowitz A Bigger Star?

Is it because she’s a woman? Because she’s gay? Because she’s a New Yorker? Because she doesn’t have a manager? Because she is an intellectual? She KILLS every time she’s on TV, she has a rapier wit and a confidence nonpareil, aren’t those the elements of stardom? Maybe she missed her chance. She was hyped […]


Luke is eight. I love talking to the little kids. They answer you honestly, they miss the nuance, they’re fountains of information presented unfiltered and when Luke told me he was listening to TheFatRat I had no idea what he was talking about. He immediately told me he’d found him on his favorite YouTube channel, […]