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Me On The Wrap Up Show

That’s right, tomorrow, Wednesday, I will be sitting down with John Hein and Gary Dell’Abate to discuss the day’s Howard Stern show and more. And either this rings your bell or it doesn’t. Either you’re a fan of Howard or you’re not. But Howard is the king of his world, which includes late night TV, […]

Lead Edge Capital

Today’s one of those days I love my life. I went to lunch with Daniel Glass and his wife Deborah. Daniel’s father passed a month ago. It’s his first parent to leave the planet. And you don’t know what it’s like til you’ve experienced it. You know they’re going, and then they’re gone. Forever. We […]

New York City

It’s cold here! When I left L.A. it was nearly ninety. Right now Dark Sky says it’s forty nine, and it feels like it. I put a fleece over my short sleeve shirt and the wind was blowing through my arms on the way to Halal Guys. We’ve all got our pilgrimages. I don’t want […]

More Weinstein

From: David Rubinson This is such bullshit. And I must say that your willing participation in the bullshit machine is disappointing. The Weinstein plot is another way to attack the “liberals.” And Jewish/Left Hollywood. And to distract us from Trump’s total destruction of the planet and rational global structure, and his fundamental racism, and inhuman […]