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Bobby Freeman

Now they die and it doesn’t even make news, it’s barely a ripple on the radar screen, Bobby Freeman passed on January 23rd and it didn’t appear in the “New York Times” until yesterday, and the L.A. “Times” not at all. Is this the new normal, where progenitors of rock, part of our DNA, leave […]

Uber To The Airport

Everybody’s got a hustle. I used to take a cab, once my friend Jeff told me there were coupons for flat rates. Before that I took SuperShuttle, I’m willing to travel with my brethren, but it picked you up so early so as to make sure you did not miss your flight and they had […]

Betsy DeVos

I went to public school. When taxes were high, there was enough paper for the mimeo machine and Mr. McCann taught music in the basement. We pledged allegiance, learned that anybody could be President, but it don’t really happen that way at all anymore. Ever get the feeling the game is rigged? Those who voted […]

The Super Bowl

You’re sitting on the couch thinking how much you hate the New England Patriots. How the whole event seems long in the tooth. The commercials are not funny and Gaga is boring and you’re just letting it play out, because with Brady and Belichick you just never know. And then they started to come back. […]