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Letterman On Stern

We underestimate talent. Used to be we were looking for the unique voice, now me-tooism reigns. Maybe it’s the millennial ethos of fitting in, where boomers were all about being square pegs in a round hole, letting their freak flags fly. And technically, David Letterman is a baby boomer. Now most people leave TV and […]

Walmart Stands Up To Trump

“Walmart’s C.E.O. Joins Group to Rebuke Trump Over Charlottesville” What kind of crazy fucked-up world do we live in where corporations speak truth to power and artists are silent? One in which corporations are much more powerful than artists, one in which they incite belief far exceeding that of individuals. Come on, is there a […]

Protest Music

It’s about the money. Why would you expect artists who’ve spent the complete century complaining about recorded music revenue to suddenly put their livelihoods at risk? Those who lived through the sixties have been waiting for a reaction. Another Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul & Mary, even Barry McGuire, to stand up and sing […]


I’m thinking of buying a pair. Publicity comes last. Unless it comes first, then I ignore it. If I turn the pages of the paper, of a magazine, click online and find a story about something I already know about, with soft touches saying how great it is, sans facts and figures, I ignore it, […]