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No Car

The engineer got here early. I’m a stickler for time, if it’s booked for 11, I’ll be there, maybe with only seconds to spare, but I don’t expect anybody early, certainly not in L.A. But Anna was. She came at 10:40. I was dressed, but in the bathroom, preparing… Now this was for a podcast, […]


I do not know what happened here. But I do know it stopped me in my tracks. That’s how modern life seems to go, you don’t sit down at 7 o’clock for the news, you’re just minding your own business and you get a tweet, a text, an e-mail, and your whole life is changed. […]

The Injection

1 I can’t SLEEP! So here’s the story. I was skiing with a friend on my birthday, April 22nd, Pickeroon, at Vail. And it’s relatively flat and then it falls off into a steep part, and normally I’d stop and wait at this ridge, at this transition, but the guy I’m skiing with is twenty […]


There was a common enemy. And Neil Young was Canadian. Talk to today’s Canadians, the electors of a snowboarding instructor, they’re completely flummoxed with what’s going on south of the border. And in the seventies they sewed Canadian flags to their backpacks before they ventured overseas, so they wouldn’t be confused with their American brethren, […]