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I am the only one fucked up about this? I was at a doctor’s appointment and when I got out my phone was blowing up. Put me in a bad mood, ruined my whole day. Death is final. What about this do young people not understand? I’m not sure what happened here. But I’m thinking […]

Little League

I lived to play baseball. This was back when the Yankees never lost and the Giants were in San Francisco and the biggest stars in the game were Mickey Mantle and Willie Mays. I knew that Mickey grew up in Oklahoma and suffered from osteomyelitis and I purchased a biography of the Say Hey Kid […]

In My Room

It was “I Get Around.” Before the Beatles there was music, but that band woke us all up, got us all addicted. They infected not only television and radio but the jukebox too, where I heard all their songs at Nutmeg Bowl, where we went bowling every Friday with our sixth grade class, where I […]

Re-Social Media

If I read one more anti-internet screed I’m gonna EXPLODE! We post to feel connected, it’s the same reason we surf, we want to feel part of a community, the human race, we have an urge to belong, to tell our stories, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THAT? I’m not condoning the use of our data, nor […]