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Facebook/Cambridge Analytica

Don’t trust anyone under thirty. I debated renewing my subscription to “New York” magazine. In case you haven’t been paying attention, with the drop in advertising, periodicals are raising their rates. Used to be subscribing was a no-brainer, the cost of a couple of issues on the newsstand. Now it can be the better part […]

Wild Wild Country

Wild Wild Country I was not going to watch this. But after flipping around from one lauded comedy series to another and being unsatisfied I tuned in. And got hooked. It’s six hours. Three yesterday, three today. It gave me something to look forward to, we all want something to look forward to. And I […]

Live vs. Recordings

That is the lesson of the Grateful Dead. Forget all this hogwash about the penumbra, the tape trading, the community, the free music, it really came down to the show. You just couldn’t get that experience anywhere else. The records were imperfect, not a reasonable representation of the band. And although the gigs were spotty, […]

Babylon Berlin

Babylon Berlin I know, I know, this is the fourth missive today. You think I’m not worried about overloading you? But this has been one of those hellish weeks of obligations and today I’m free because I was planning to sit in a chair all day for an IVIG infusion, tomorrow and Sunday too, but […]