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Hirscher Skis Out

The expectations don’t square with reality. Bode Miller is forever tarnished by his failure to win medals in Torino, even though his trove of Olympic trophies is positively staggering. He didn’t measure up to the hype. Can anybody measure up to the hype? In business. But rarely in art. And almost never in certain sports. […]


Angela – Spotify Angela – YouTube The Lumineers were supposed to be a one hit wonder. I was in a race to make it to the dentist’s office in Beverly Hills. I was running late and the construction on Olympic was gonna make me later, always trust the map app, ALWAYS, as long as it’s […]

Jake Gold-This Week’s Podcast

This one is different. This is less of an interview than a conversation. As if we were at dinner and you were listening in on us batting the ball back and forth, covering topics as varied as Sirius XM to prog rock to the Canadian health care system. Jake Gold was the manager who built […]

Student Gun Protests

Can’t start a fire without a spark And all this time we were waiting for the musicians to lead. Illustrating not only the vacuity of the “artists,” but the lack of impact of their wares. In the sixties and seventies, even up into the eighties and nineties, the culture was driven by music. And for […]