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Marketing Is King

Huh? Weren’t we supposed to live in a word of mouth economy, where the cream rose to the top? NO! Actually, never forget that distribution is king. Did you read that NBC tied in with Netflix for the Olympics, with a two hour special? Millennials are cord-cutters, they don’t even see NBC, but they all […]

Tony Hawk-This Week’s Podcast

Skateboarding experienced a revolution in the seventies and then died. And then a renaissance. Then another death. Tony’s sponsor went out of business. He bought a house with his earnings and had to sell it, eating ramen just to stay alive. And when his partners in Birdhouse told him that he was best skating instead […]

What I Almost Was

What I Almost Was But I thank God I ain’t what I almost was Maybe your parents were hands-off, maybe you wandered through life blindly. But then you weren’t the child of Jewish parents, not the progeny of immigrants, who want to ensure their children are prepared. And today it’s even worse. The kids are […]

61 Days In Church

Eric Church-live covers No one knows about this because it was exclusive to Apple Music for two weeks. Do this, and the rest of the streaming providers don’t lift a finger, they’ll add your music when they can, but they’re not about to promote it. How could Church’s people be so stupid? This is what […]