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Last Night At McCabe’s

Seems I’ve got to have a change of scene Joe Cocker hated Traffic’s version, but he was convinced “Feelin’ Alright” was a smash, if only Artie Butler could concoct an arrangement. They were eating hamburgers across the street from A&M, after a production meeting, and Joe implored Artie to take a chance. So Artie came […]

Our Music

It was not entertainment, it was life itself. Yesterday we had to drive down to Rancho Santa Margarita for a birthday party, a two year old’s birthday party, the daughter of my nephew Andrew, who’s become the #3 BMW salesman in America, there I am boasting, I won’t for myself, but I will for him, […]

Quote of the Day

“‘All good inventions come from something personal,’ she said. ‘People create things because it’s personal.’” BINGO! Can you say Napster? Monday night I went to see Jade Bird at the Troubadour. Before that Daniel Glass held a party at the Polo Lounge. And this is where you excoriate me and him and I get it, […]

My Colonoscopy

There was a female doctor and a male nurse. Oh, how far we’ve come. It’s been eight years. I know the new standard is ten, but my internist says seven, and last year I was recovering from my shoulder surgery so I slipped a year but now it was necessary. My internist went off insurance. […]