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More Weinstein

From: David Rubinson This is such bullshit. And I must say that your willing participation in the bullshit machine is disappointing. The Weinstein plot is another way to attack the “liberals.” And Jewish/Left Hollywood. And to distract us from Trump’s total destruction of the planet and rational global structure, and his fundamental racism, and inhuman […]

Walter Egan At McCabe’s

We sacrificed our lives for rock and roll. Walter Egan graduated from Georgetown. His mother wondered when he’d get serious and live the straight life. But then he got a call to play guitar for Linda Ronstadt and he decamped for Los Angeles. The rest of the band stayed behind, in Washington, D.C., but Walter […]

Better Call Saul

That’s Bob Odenkirk. Did I ever tell you I’ve never watched “Game of Thrones”? Apple announces it’s coming to iTunes and I’m not excited at all, I’d rather see Eddy Cue testify about the Warriors. I’m just not into fantasy. But I do feel left out. We all feel left out, that’s the modern condition. […]

Lunch With Mike Caren

He believes in artist development. This is another thing the old guard has wrong. Stuck in the last decade they don’t know the ball has been moved. Mike finds an act, brings him to the studio for a week and sees if the act has what it takes. And how does Mike find these acts? […]