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Masters Of Scale

“Release, observe, react” That’s what Reid Hoffman says in his podcast with Mark Zuckerberg. MARK ZUCKERBERG? He’s more inaccessible than a rock star, harder to hear in an uncontrolled environment than our President, just to hear him talk normally, off guard, telling his tale, is a thrill. We’re long in the tooth in the tech […]

Katy Perry’s Failure

She appealed to all the people who didn’t care. Her biggest album was “Teenage Dream,” and now she’s targeting oldsters who never cared in the straight media. It’s like she’s still living in the last century, in the pre-internet era, when there were limited outlets and fans were thrilled to see their heroes in mainstream […]

A Modern Star

GRAVITAS Take yourself seriously, or no one else will. Have something to say. Mean it. People want someone to believe in, and if you’re frivolous and wishy-washy you’ll get little blowback but you’ll never ascend to the pinnacle. We live in dangerous times and we’re looking for leaders. Not everybody will agree with you, but […]

We Don’t Care

We’re operating like it’s the twentieth century in a twentieth first century world. The media industrial complex believes if it just beats us over the head hard enough, keeps putting faces in front of us, that we will pay attention and care. But that don’t play in an on demand world where we have access […]