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Billy Bob In Goliath

While I’m talking TV, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how exceptional Billy Bob Thornton is in “Goliath.” It’s on Amazon Prime, and although half the households in America have it and don’t have to pay for it nothing on that outlet gets any traction, it seems people don’t know how to pull the […]

The Keepers

You’ll never look at the Catholic church the same way again. When you hear the word “Archdiocese,” you’ll shudder. Netflix is CBS Records. A monolith that’s making money that’s spending money that needs something to hit, but not everything to hit. That’s what’s wrong with the HBO model, they’re so busy developing exceptional product that […]

The Sgt. Pepper Remix

The Sgt. Pepper Remix – Spotify It’s sacrilegious. Couldn’t they leave well enough alone? Do the Beatles need any more money? Isn’t Capitol/Universal flush enough? How dare they mess with our memories. Assuming you were there the first time around, when “Sgt. Pepper” engrossed us and changed our perceptions of what was and what could […]

Paul Simon Playlist

Paul Simon Playlist – Spotify “The Sound Of Silence” Album: “The Paul Simon Songbook” Recorded in London before Simon & Garfunkel’s success, this album was released after said success, because that’s the way the music business works, it’s sleazy. Not that many people bought it, at least not many I knew, but now through the […]